Mom and Pop hotel: You walk in and show them the game on your laptop. Explain that this game will be played world wide and you have selected their hotel for the game. The cost to them will be 3 free nights a month that do not expire, however we are here to help and if we have 12 rooms credit and send the person on a trip for 7 days, we will only use 3 of our credits and you will be paid for 4 nights. This is an excellent way to pick up new customers that will likely return anually. Plus eat in your restaurant and drink in your bar. You must be sincere and let the owners know we are honestly there to help bring more tourists. As the representative of funrunnersbeaches, you will recieve 20% of whatever any of your properties produce because my mission is to help you enjoy life and have a fun wonderful career. As we add new games and new locations our funrunnersbeaches representatives will be offered that new opportunity.