time is important SIGN YOUR SORORITY/frat UP  THE SORORITY THAT Has the most people sign up wins a trip to florida for the sorority or fraternity you will be given a special paypal email to give people to download the game for $2.99 1 time purchase on itunes and they can win meals ,bar tabs and trips
career, read on...
The job is finding the best owner/operator businesses in hotels, bars, restaurants, tours and any business tourist related. Funrunnersbeaches will be an online game where players can win trips, meals, and bar tabs. We are focused on helping owner/operator businesses increase the tourist trade.
Example 1: Hazels Restaurant: You go to Hazels and make a presentation explaining to them if for 5 meals a month we will put Hazels Restaurant in the game that will be played internationally. I personally highly recommend Hazels. The point here, we are not looking for all the restaurants, we are looking for the best owner/operator restaurants to recommend. Now the first question, Hazels will say "5 meals is going to cost me about $50 a month". You simply look them in the eye and ask "how many people come to eat alone? So very likely, it will be 2 customers instead of 1".
Example 2: Shuckums Bar: You go to Shuckums and explain that we want to advertise them around the world and the total cost is 4 $25 sign on when it is ready
Example 3
Mom and Pop hotel: You walk in and show them the game on your laptop. Explain that this game will be played world wide and you have selected their hotel for the game. The cost to them will be 3 free nights a month that do not expire, however we are here to help and if we have 12 rooms credit and send the person on a trip for 7 days, we will only use 3 of our credits and you will be paid for 4 nights. This is an excellent way to pick up new customers that will likely return anually. Plus eat in your restaurant and drink in your bar. You must be sincere and let the owners know we are honestly there to help bring more tourists. As the representative of funrunnersbeaches, Members will be able to download the game from itunes etc. and play the game to win trips, meals and bar tabs. If you win the trip, it is yours. You can use if legal or you can sell your trip. Find the funrunner from clues and get more points. Highest point level for the term wins 7 days at Panama City Beach. Welcome as a player plays the game he can click the next exit and our recommended places will pop up with photo and brief reason we recommend them and trivia questions at random will pop up first player to answer correctly wins points
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