Be A team leader you pick the best to build your and their career/ AS leader you make 20% of whatever is generated by sponsors you sign up. the team members make15% because you mak 5%of what their sponsored businesses genbar tabs a month. Their first question will be "That will cost me $100 a month." You look them in the eye and explain... "13 million tourists a year come to the Florida Panhandle. If they walk in with a funrunnersbeaches bar tab, you have a new customer and you know that tourists will spend a week here and most likely spend $3000 while here. Their first visit will most likely be more than $25 and you now have a new customer for the next week. And people don't drink alone. So you have picked up more customers."
Example 3: Mom and Pop hotel: You walk in and show them the game on your laptop. Explain that this game will be played world wide and you have selected their hotel for the game. The cost to them will be 3 free nights a month that do not expire, however we are here to help and if we have 12 rooms credit and send the person on a trip for 7 days, we will only use 3 of our credits and you will be paid for 4 nights. This is an excellent way to pick up new customers that will likely return anually. Plus eat in your restaurant and drink in your bar. You must be sincere and let the owners know we are honestly there to help bring more tourists. As the representative of funrunnersbeaches, you will recieve 20% of whatever any of your properties produce because my mission is to help you enjoy life and have a fun wonderful career. As we add new games and new locations our funrunnersbeaches representatives will be offered that new opportunity. I am looking at Spain and Italy as well as Greece to be our first European games.
Welcome!!! Spread the word. Representatives will work in teams. be a team leader.  team leader makes 20%  of what ever their businesses generate  and they make 5% of what their team generates  the team members make 15% of their businesses generate. will break this down in a few min want to be a leader send me your thoughts and plans of action josh porter  2563687859 email   i planned to launch this in costa rica so i am using those for this example because i did the research there  as this grows we can go to any tourist area in the world, and best producers will have a chance to go  ok lets talk moneyI had planned to start in Costa rica but that will be second location and teams in fla that want to go for a month will have that option
so lets say pete signs 100 bars are put in the gringo hunt game for 4 $25 bar tabs a month sounds like 100 a month but they know the tab cost them about 6 bucks. so what you are doing is sending them a customer that will be there for 10 days and spend 3000 while there. ok so pete sold 100  $10,000 in bar tabs we sell for 50% that is 5,000 pete makes $1000 on the bars a month pete sold
100 hotels to be in the game played allover the world they give 3 nights a month  that 3 rooms a month we sell for say 50 a night that is $1
5k a month pete makes $3,000 a month on rooms

100 restaurants put in the game for 5 meals a month   we sell for average of $7 is $7.000 pete makes 1400 a month
ok pete is making $25,000 a month we need some petes or patrica's now in florida panhandlewhich  has 13 million tourist a year i will talk about the games later today Be a team leader put a team together
pete makes $3000 +1000+1400=$5400 a month
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